Editing, filming (interview segment)

Video for "Save The Towne Cinema" Kickstarter campaign.

Unable to afford converting to digital projection as Hollywood forced theaters to convert or go under, the Towne Cinema in Watertown, Wisconsin asked the community to help raise $70,000 to keep the historic site operational. It was ultimately successful, raising a grand total of $72,432 for the two new digital projectors and associated utilities.
"I've been lucky enough to work with Joe a couple of times now. Joe produced my theater's Kickstarter video which was made to help us fund a $70k campaign to purchase new digital projectors. Joe had a vision for our campaign from the start and finished it to our liking within the timeline he laid out. It was because of his video that our campaign was successful. Joe was easy to work with and was very good about staying in touch during the process. I am so thankful to him and look forward to working with him more in the future."

- Matt Sampon, The Towne Cinema


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