Official music video for the song "Killing Time" by Fuzzysurf, from the album "Fuzzy & The Surfs."

Co-direction, writing, cinematography, editing, VFX, dance choreography

"The set of a children's television show turns to chaos when a possessed puppet is unleashed on a pursuit of violence."

Film festival selections:
•2020 Milwaukee Film Festival (virtual)
•2020 Rincon International Film Festival (virtual)
•2020 Hobnobben Film Festival (virtual)
•2021 Hobnobben Film Festival

Hear more music at fuzzysurf.com
"When we were searching for a skilled professional to collaborate with for our music video, I’m glad we found and went with Joe and his team. Working with them was a blast! Prior to filming, the team spent time with us creating ideas and crafting our plan of action. As a director, Joe was well prepared, extremely well thought out, and understood the vision we were going for. Most importantly, Joe and the rest of the team knew exactly how to effectively capture and portray that vision. The whole experience was smooth, comfortable, timely, and fun! We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. We definitely are looking forward to working with him in the future, and we can’t recommend him enough!"

- Sean Lehner, Fuzzysurf

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