Full video production by Joe Film Co.

Official music video for Next Paperback Hero's 2022 single "Don't Take My Energy," from the album "Morning Skies & Heavy Eyes."

Filmed on location in Milwaukee, WI and Watertown, WI.

Special Thanks to Matt Sampon at The Towne Cinema in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Hear more music at nextpaperbackhero.com
"Joe has an easy presence about him that makes for a very comfortable filming experience. His creativity and passion are immediately evident and when we hit a few curveballs, he made the most of the time by capturing additional footage and pivoting to the next idea. Some of my favorite shots actually came from more of the "Plan B" moments, which speaks to the strength of his vision and abilities to improvise.

When we initially started discussing doing a music video together, I presented him with a few tracks, and Joe came back with a strong concept and was able to translate not only the, but the intention of the work into a truly lovely, impactful visual experience. I couldn't be happier with the final outcome, and while the video is visually beautiful and enjoyable on first viewing, the nuance of Joe's edit allows me to keep finding more and more things about it I love."

- Nathan Honore, Next Paperback Hero

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